Services We Offer

  • Managed Maintenance
  • Operating Lease
  • Vehicle Telematics – CanFleet MS
  • Outright Purchase
  • Full Maintenance Lease
  • Training
  • Consulting & Advisory

Managed Maintenance

The solution is offered to fleet owners to assist them to proactively monitor and control the costs of repairs and maintenance. This is done through a team of technically qualified people keeping a full history of all repair and maintenance costs.


  • No unnecessary parts are fitted
  • No unnecessary work is carried out
  • Volume discounts are obtained
  • Vehicles are maintained as per Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications
  • Warranty claims are honoured
  • Physical technical inspections are conducted on a regular basis
  • Invoices are scrutinized and only authorized work is paid for

Operating Lease

Structured as an off balance sheet transaction in which we retain the risk of disposal ie. in terms of the residual value, of the vehicle at the end of the lease period. The lessee enjoys the use of the asset over the lease period and is responsible for insurance, servicing and maintenance. The vehicle is returned to us at the end of the contract.


  • Operating lease is treated as expense (Off-balance sheet item)
  • VAT claimable on monthly rentals
  • VAT is not capitalised on the purchase price but is paid monthly on the rental amount

Vehicle Telematics – CanFleet MS

Our vehicle Tracking and Telematics System dubbed “CanFleet MS” is an intelligent management tool designed to manage a fleet, irrespective of size. It is based on human unique biological traits, in this instance, fingerprint identification. Operations are authenticated by biometric verification using distinguishable traits in the finger to dispense an operator RFID card. The system is designed to address the following areas of concern within fleet management: + Vehicle Utilization and Abuse + Driver Accountability + Fraud Detection


  • Fully customizable and automated to suit the client’s specific needs
  • Reduction of human intervention in Fleet Management
  • Improved vehicle management and control
  • Improved vehicle efficiency

Outright Purchase

This is a cash on delivery (COD) transaction in which we facilitate and manage the process of acquiring new fleet vehicles on behalf of our clients. Ownership of the vehicle is effectively transferred to the client on receipt of payment.


  • We source the required vehicles from our network of partners at the best possible prices, with better discounts negotiated.
  • We obtain quotes for the vehicles and submit to the client for selection.
  • We register the vehicles in the name of the client
  • We arrange for delivery of the vehicle to the client's preferred site

Full Maintenance Lease

Allows the client to choose a vehicle of their choice based on a needs-analysis, for use over an agreed period and distance at a fixed monthly rental. This is an off-balance sheet transaction that allows our clients to focus on their core business while we take care of their fleet needs. At the end of the contract, the asset is returned to Fleet Horizon Solutions.


  • Off-balance sheet financing option
  • Vat is payable on the monthly rental and not capitalised upfront
  • Service, maintenance and disposal risk is borne by Fleet Horizon Solutions
  • Net monthly rental amount is fully tax deductible as an operating expense


In our experience, we have discovered that there is a direct correlation between fleet operating costs and the level of training of fleet users and/or staff. Thus, to operate an efficient fleet, training of the respective user department personnel becomes an imperative. And to this end, we are able to assist our clients by providing training solutions across:

  • Product training –Training on products selected by the customer to ensure understanding and utilisation of the products
  • Operator training – Operators of equipment are trained on the usage of equipment to ensure safe operations and effective utilization thereof.
  • Driver training- Training of drivers at different levels of operation that could include, driver awareness training, defensive driving and advanced driving
  • Fleet Management Training- Fleet management principles, life cycle management and fleet cost analysis
  • Fleet policy development

Consulting & Advisory

The importance of defining the problem a client is attempting to address cannot be overstated, especially in light of a myriad number of services that exist in the Fleet Management Environment. Our Consulting and Advisory services are used as an integral pillar in the development of lasting solutions for our clients, using one or a combination of our service offerings. These services always ensure that the identified solution is aligned to resolve whatever challenges may have been identified.